Playing with children suffering of cancer
A mother's diary
Author: Helma Kustermann
ISBN: 3-934081-87-8
For decades, billions of research money have been invested in cancer research, the exclusive "recovery claim" lay CHEMO-TYRANTS to themselves with their therapy methods - meaning operation, ray treatment and chemotherapy.
New, successful attempts or treatment approaches and treatment success, as far as the struggle against cancer is concerned, are brutally fought against with legal and illegal means. New attempts regarding the struggle against cancer are suppressed or, not at all, allowed by the scientific, industrial and political establishment. Grown-ups, as well as helpless children, are cheat swindle out of their right to a successful treatment.
This authentic diary of a mother "the business with cancer-children" allows the reader access to many things which were - up to now - pretended never happened.
The brutal business with high profits netted by those people who deal with the cancer-children, calls for brutal methods, as it is shown in this mother's diary.
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